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Raising Sinners

Nov 17, 2022

Mary Comm is a seasoned and experienced ministry leader, author, and speaker.  She brings her 25+ years of Christian ministry experience to parents and family members facing the difficult and despairing issues concerning their LGBTQ loved ones.  She offers HOPE in the context of Biblical truth and personal experience, wrapped in compassion, peppered with humor, and packed with the powerful and trustworthy promises of our Great and Mighty God.  


Mary is the mom of an adult daughter who identifies as lesbian, having walked this path in relationship with her since 2016.  She lives out with her daughter what she teaches other parents:  compassionate understanding for the struggles without compromising her own faith and values – all within a context of mutual love and respect.  She puts it this way: “Our job is to love our kids like Jesus – to be the parents He has called us to be and the parents our kids need us to be.  We leave the results in His hands.”


Mary is an ICF Certified Professional Life Coach and lifelong student of God’s word.  She is the author of Uncommon Love:  God’s Heart for Christian Parents of Gay kids (Morgan James Faith, 2019), the first Bible study of its kind.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology as well as a Biblical Studies Certificate from Colorado Christian University.  


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(Lisa Clark and Chrissie Dunham host Raising Sinners, a podcast launched September 2021 on Christian Parenting’s Podcast Network.  Lisa is the author of the book, “Raising Sinners” and she and Chrissie co-host The Wonder Podcast, as well. Check it out!)